Why "The Anxiety Pad"?

 I created "The Anxiety Pad" because I can't sleep at night.  There are too many things that I think about that just keep me up.  On the advice of a very good friend, I decided to start writing things down.  Things that I worry about, or just random things that pop into my head - whatever helps me get back to sleep.  This isn't meant to be any kind of self help blog or anything of the sort, it is just something that I do to get what I am thinking out.  

If you like it, wonderful.  If not, I'm sorry you wasted your time reading it.  

If you're wondering why I called it "The Anxiety Pad", it's actually what I call my bed, the anxiety pad.  Every night when I lay down, everything seems fine - I'm tired and I usually fall asleep fairly easily.  But, at about two or three in the morning, I wake up for whatever reason and then the thoughts start.  Thoughts about everything.  Something as simple as a misstep in a conversation, like when your waitress brings you your food and tells you to enjoy it and you reply with "You too!", to thoughts about my eventual removal from this plane of existence.  These thoughts are unavoidable and the more I try and think about something else, the more they force their way into my brain.  It is incredibly frustrating and this happens most nights.  That is why I call my bed the anxiety pad. 

Anyways, thanks for reading.  See you next time I can't sleep, I bet it will be sooner rather than later. 


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