On My Exile (part 3)

(Originally posted 18 July 2018)

It has been 1611 days since my exile.  We have had the luxury of being able to travel, and have made our way to Eastern Europe.  

Poland, day 3. 

The natives have seemingly accepted me as one of their own. This tribe is a peculiar one, they seem to hold food in the highest esteem. I have been fed so much, I felt like they were trying to fatten me up for slaughter. I was apprehensive of all this offered food at first, but after observing other families exhibiting the same behavior, my fear finally waned. I have tried many things in addition to the plethora of sausages and meats native to this country.  Some of the better things I have tried include;

bread soup (you add the bread yourself, so . . .soup.)

pyzy z mięsem (little dumplings filled with pork, beef, and happiness)

Farm fresh eggs (just don't try and take them from the coop while the rooster is around)

Pierogi (better than any I have ever tried, but it could be the bacon grease talking . . .)

Something called Placki po zbójnicku z gulaszem wieprzowym. This was by far the best thing that I have had so far. It was a potato pancake fried until it had a crispy exterior and a wonderfully soft interior. It was then filled with a goulash of pork and bacon (and love) then folded over like an omelet. Depending on the size and where you get it, it could then be covered gratuitously with more goulash.
 I have decided that Placki blah blah blah is too damn long and I have renamed the dish "Potato nom nom with a warm goulash hug from grandma." While this name is equally long, it is infinitely easier for me to say. 

More to come later - I have to go, it's time to eat.


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